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  1. 2022+ Ford Maverick General Discussion Forum
    Hi - I just got my 2023 Maverick Hybrid Lariat XLT last week after a year and a half wait!! I love everything about it but I'm wondering what the card-sized slot in the center console, below the parking break and other controls is for. The guy at the dealership had no idea. Anyone know? Thanks...
  2. 2022+ Ford Maverick Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I put a $1,000 down on a '23 a few months ago and just got my order confirmation from Ford. The price went up about $1,000 from last year. What seems odd is that they're taking orders for 2023's but the Ford website is still showing '22 models. I'm just wondering what the hell I just ordered...
1-2 of 2 Results