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  1. Mavericks For Sale
    My Maverick is scheduled to arrive next week (May 16-20). My husband recently bought a GMC Canyon, and we have decided we don't need to be a two-truck couple, so I'll be selling. BEST OFFER. (Will not accept less than MSRP + MN Sales Tax)
  2. Maverick Parts For Sale / WTB
    $700 Full set of 4, 17” Steelies and Continental ProContact Tires, less than 150 miles on them. Upgraded my rims and tires. Tires alone would cost you over $550 after taxes. Steelies (rims) are easily $450 after taxes. Selling the whole set of 4 rims and 4 tires (with the center caps) for $700...
1-2 of 2 Results