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  1. 2022+ Ford Maverick General Discussion Forum
    Hello all. Update: As the universe usually works, just after I posted this thread for help the dealer finally got back to me with my Order Number and confirmation that my Mav is In Production! Crisis of faith averted. OLD My Ford Vehicle Order Tracking was working fine when I...
  2. 2022+ Ford Maverick Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Hi there! I’ve been reading the chaos about orders not being placed by dealerships and I’ve been on the case of mine to make sure. If they were able to give me the below summary with a priority code and preview order number, but I have NOT received an email from Ford Motor Company, is my order...
  3. 2022+ Ford Maverick General Discussion Forum
    As the tittle suggest as I've decided to get my maverick I want to know how the priority change works as I went to my local dealer but I was told it wouldn't let them save it to anything lower than 19 before submitting the order. It's is an XL hybrid if that has to do anything with it but I've...
1-3 of 3 Results