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  1. 2022+ Ford Maverick General Discussion Forum
    I found a decent deal on some Blizzaks on rims from a Ford escape. They're only 60, not 65's. I've read the offset is different on the escape rims and the smaller tire will throw the speedometer off a bit. Not sure if the offset is an issue? And I don't really care about the speedometer being...
  2. Maverick Parts For Sale / WTB
    I would like to buy the XLT rims when I get my XL. I can't find anything I like more than the XLT wheels and I don't want to upgrade to the XLT package. If anyone out there is buying the XLT or Lariat and wants to sell their rims, send me a message -Matthew
  3. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    Drop your customized photos of the Mav below\/\/\/
1-3 of 3 Results