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2022 Ford Maverick Spotted Next to a Honda Civic

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Here we can see that the Maverick is not much wider than an 8th-generation Civic Sedan.

"On paper, the eigth-gen Civic is 69 inches wide, 56.5 inches tall, and 176.7 inches long. The Maverick is not much wider at 72.6 inches, but significantly taller and longer. It's got nearly two feet on the Civic front-to-back at 199.7 inches, and it's a little more than a foot taller at 68.7 inches.

So the old Civic is only 3.6 inches wider, or just 1.8 inches per side. And width, of course, is the vital dimension for parking in tight spaces or narrow garages. If you're wondering how the Maverick stacks up against the brand new 2022 Civic, well, we did too. The new Civic is still narrower, but not by much at just 70.9 inches—a difference of only 1.7 inches total and .85 inches per side.

So width-wise, the new Maverick is roughly Civic-sized. Length and height is a different story, but unless you park in a tight tandem parking spot or are extremely worried about parallel parking, you should be fine. Despite being roughly Explorer-sized in some dimensions, the Maverick is, and we say this with a grain of salt, at least a little bit like a Civic with a bed on the back. Almost."

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