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2022 Ford Maverick vs. Ford Ranger

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The Ford Maverick will be a true compact pickup truck, that slots under the Ranger. Its expected to be priced from $20,000, sized like earlier generations of the Ranger (think back to the 80's-90's), on a unibody platform, with powertrain options from existing Ford's.

We should see the 245-hp turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from the Bronco Sport make its way here. This should put the Maverick's towing capacity around 2,500 lbs at the least. That's less than half of the Rangers 6,000-7,500. Standard RWD with optional AWD is very possible, unlike the FWD-based Bronco Sport.

These are just my early thoughts. What does everyone think we can expect at launch?
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