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Finally got my XL but still waiting for my first order xlt. It's kinda odd..... so far enjoying the truck but the ride is little stiff and yes I did check the tire pressure. Wondering the xlt ride any different? Both orders were cactus grey with Ford 360, splash gaurds, maverick rubber mats and rear sliding window. Xlt i choose the luxury package. Xl I add sprayed in bed liner, touchlink bed light and tow hitch. I am not a fan of the XL steering feel. It feels so cheap plastic. But there was a xlt in the dealership with leather wrapped wheels it was great.
Ps: XLT order was placed in June end last year but XL was placed August end. Both were in different dealership. Xlt I don't have a built date ford send a email saying it's delayed but dealership saying the built date is in July 4th week.
It's a pretty neat truck especially when the gas prices are high and you just need a small truck to run your once in a while home depot run and in town errands. Back seats are not for long trips unless you have very small kids.
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