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One, I didn't say that, I said that if you're going to single out a demographic, we know that the highest rate of non-vaccinated and infected is of the black American population and the second is hispanic american, and of non-Americans we know approximately 30% of detained border trespassers
There are lies, damn lies and statistics.

You chose poorly which ones to use since they don’t mean much. 3/5’s are white
conversation over, no further discussion required
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No entity to date collects "Trump voter" as a recognizable demographic for COVID statistics, nor are the typically low population density rural populations you are referencing hot spots in the
Above is 100% false, data is kept but not widely reported being thought as devisive

If we are to assume that T is “Republicans”
early on Republicans made up close to 60% of deaths (58%) which is easily explained and matched up with the public demographic data of who was dying (old white males) and where (in general) alongside the related comprehensive data of political leanings in each area by age, race, gender, etc

But as time went on …
If we are looking numerically limiting to the US
Deaths of
Independents + Republicans = 70% of deaths
This beats the demographic expectations based on who is dying by a fair margin which means something else is going on but…

If you use the paywalled COVID death tally demographics which give age, gender, race and exact location you can xref to the political landscape data and see that the data does match with about a 90% fit, just have to match up city to city instead of state to state.

All the information is available publicly and it’s simple statistics and reality why more Republicans have died, their age, gender, locations and health issues all make them as susceptible as they are, add vax issues and it only worsens their outlook.

Considering many of them think the earth is flat
If the data were given in black and white I would guarantee they would just flail arms, wine cry, make excuses and not believe it.

no good comes from giving them the hard pill of reality, certainly doesn’t get people to cooperate towards a common goal.

Biden's endorsement of the "Green New Deal" that would decimate the Western economy, way of life, and lead to widespread poverty and suffering
I’m always amazed that most Democrats literally could care less about the European centric agenda known as the green new deal and usually don’t know what it is while Rs talk about it continuously.
My guess is the Republicans are doing more to push that agenda and more successfully than the non-moderates ever could.

Sadly for you the “American Lifestyle ” ended sometime in 2009 and has stayed dead.
What is left of our current lifestyle will be over and permanently changed in another 10-20 years regardless of who is in power because of our very poor decisions made in the 70’s and 80’s coming to fruition

You can’t fault Biden for trying to change the tired grind, our ruling elite (who aren’t democrats) have been very scared for 20 years but are petrified of possibly loosing power and money resulting in failing efforts to keep the status quo (despite knowing better) but this will only result in greater failure as we run aground more material limits and shortages.

Our only hope is that the unsung hero’s “moderates” are able to guide legislation in a common sense way to deal with a more constrained future.

Unless we reduce our populations the way of life we lead isn’t sustainable forever with someone else doing our work and making our junk.

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Smiles Per Gallon > Miles Per Gallon

Note: Some people get a smile from achieving a higher than predicted MPG.
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