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The rumor is the Maverick will be on the Escape/Bronco Sport body on frame & suspension so that should allow for the aftermarket options that are existing/becoming available for mainly the Bronco Sport...right? If they offer more than just the rumored FWD. I like the idea of a slightly lifted Maverick with larger tires to set it apart from stock. These three [lift & smaller wheel/larger tire options] below look pretty good.

ALPHAequipt: Foxtrot wheels (17x7.5 / 5x108 / +35mm offset)


MAD Industries: 1" Lift
1" front and rear equally
Front - 2 piece adjustable front space that goes between strut hat and Strut tower with extended length bolts.
Rear - 2 spacers lower under spring with custom lower shock extension bracket and extra Bolt.
Tire Size this 245/65R17 mounted on a 17x8 wheel with a plus 35 min

Factory 1" lift in testing
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