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I hope that we can keep this on topic, as I used to be in the automotive field, and marketing interests me:

Am I the only one wondering? With those explaining away the sales success of the Maverick, there's a lot of: "the Maverick appeals to urban buyers and women" sentiment out there, and I can see that, but only to a point.

I can see the Maverick appealing to women in certain regions in the country: the Southeast, the Heartland, and the Southwest. As for the rest of the country, if women and urban buyers find themselves in the market for a small truck, wouldn't they go for the Santa Cruz? The Santa Cruz' interior presents itself as being far more tech savvy, and polished.

Yet, when compared to the Maverick, the Santa Cruz' sales are down, and I would bet that Hyundai would have lost even more market share, if not for the fact that Ford can't meet the demand - especially on the Hybrid.

At the end of the day, I wonder what demographic is gobbling up the Maverick.

Women seem to prefer the look & price of the Ford Maverick. I would never assume that just because the Santa Cruz has a 'more polished and or modern look' to it that women would automatically prefer to buy that one. I don't think you're giving enough credit to women to be able to determine what they want, why, and whstprice they are willing to pay.
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