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Are you like Alex…no need for a Truck?

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So the Alex on Autos guy, really like his reviews, said…I believe…he did not have a need for a truck since he has trailer(s) to tow things. I had a 2nd gen ridgeline and just never really used the truck bed very often and most times wished it was a covered space. Did though love how it rode.

Realize anyone on this site would not think likewise though do wonder…has anyone gotten a truck then found out it was under utilized for truck use then later got a non-truck ride to replace it.
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I know Alex well and he indeed is honest when he says he doesn't need a truck. He has always used his trailer behind a good tow vehicle for bringing home building materials and such. For him, the trailer has provided way more capability than most pickup trucks could. I have made the choice on the Maverick myself because while I don't always need a truck, the packaging and price of the Maverick Hybrid is way more appealing than a Prius and offers a good deal more capability. Having had trucks before, you suddenly find a lot of uses including helping out a friend when they need to bring something big home.
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Nope... Always have a use to haul something even if it's a picnic basket...a dog kennel....haul something to the dumps...etc., But I didn't want one big enough that the family will need help to move lol
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