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Best Value Options:

*4K tow package. You'd be hard pressed to buy a transmission cooler and have it installed for $795.
*Spray-In Bedliner. At $495 with warranty it is hard to beat.
*Trailer hitch. Can't be done for less unless you do it yourself. Even then, your time is more valuable at that point.
*Full-size Spare Tire. Rim & tire, $100? No Brainer.
*Floor Liners. Two sets of complete mats for $175? You'd be all of that just in a set of Weather Tech mats.
*Sunroof. $795 is cheap.

Poor Value Options:

*Cross bars. At $800, these are the cheapest looking things I've ever seen.
*Emergency Roadside Kits. Get something better from Amazon, for less.
*Co-pilot 360. Gimmick. If the spare tire is worth $115, then I'm paying $425 for a couple of things to beep and blink at me. No thanks. Package also doesn't include any one of the obvious safety features such as adaptive cruise control, power heated mirrors, emergency braking or other features bad drivers demand these days.
*Toolboxes. $280 buys a lot of heavy duty storage bins with far more space and utility.
*Protective Film = Expensive stickers.
*Sliding Rear Window. Great feature, but you have to overpay for an underwhelming option to get it. If it was part of the 360 package for $540, it would be a better value.
*First Edition Package. This lost its value as soon as the Lariat Luxury Package became a requirement. This means the package is not $1495 for those who are paying attention.
*Lariat Luxury Package. There is not $3300 worth of stuff there once you consider you paid $3200 over the price of an XLT just to get there. Adding insult to injury, you don't gain $3200 worth of stuff when you go from XLT to Lariat either. Lots of really expensive bling with little to no added utility....
If the 360 saves me from 1 accident its worth it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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