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For me, these are some of the best "bang" for the buck options.

$115-Spare tire.
-Where are you going to get a new tire, in the proper size mounted on a rim for that price
$100-Trailer Hitch with wiring
-Contact Curt or U-Haul and see what the costs are
$155-Sliding rear window
-If it is important to you, thats cheap.
$150 110v/400w Invertor
-A good aftermarket one will run you need to find a place to put it
$495-Spray on bed liner
-I'd rather have it done from the factory if I am having if done

$800-Bed Cross bars
-Thule, Yakima, Inno all have options here for less than half this cost
-$3449-Bed cap
-Leer, ect will all have nicer options for less
$40-Ashtray/Coin holder
-a mock cup
$795-18" Painted wheel
-IMHO, should be a wash/choice at this trim level.

What are some of yours?
I like your summary. My truck has an ETA of tomorrow. Just hoping this next winter storm does not cause more delays.:D
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