Hi I am selling my brand new Ford Maverick Hybrid Lariat. It has 40 miles on it currently and is about as brand new as it can be. Wound up ordering this a year and a half ago while I was still doing construction but I now don't have that job anymore and don't have the major need for a truck anymore.

These hybrids aren't open for order anymore this year and have a $7k-15k markup on the dealership lots, plus taxes and fees. This thing is honestly awesome and beautiful so you can save yourself the wait, the full markup, and the taxes and fees by selling it private party now instead.

I have title in hand with no lien, and it is accident free, with nothing wrong with it. If it is still listed here, it is available. I will take down the posting once it's sold. Located in Phoenix AZ. Feel free to email at [email protected]