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Welcome @yankeehotelfoxtrot! What stood out about the Maverick from his review that made you place an order? Which model are you getting?
Thank you! I was immediately interested because the Maverick is a true light pickup- I've always been a fan of the previous gen Rangers but disliked how large the current model is...including its price tag.

The styling on the Maverick is much more my speed than the Hyundai Santa Cruz (which is going to be a great truck but is ugly as sin).

As far as Doug's review goes, I was really impressed with the interior. I've never had a vehicle whose interior is so utility driven (I've mostly owned sports cars) and I appreciated that Doug took the time to point out useful details like the phone holder and general ruggedness.

I was sold on placing my order when I learned about the Ecoboost/AWD options. I've ordered an XLT in Carbonized Gray with the 2.0 and AWD. The anticipation is building!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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