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According to Ford the Maverick is attracting more younger truck buyers and more female truck buyers than before.

“We really are seeing a new customer coming into Ford. And that was really our ambition with Maverick was to appeal to a younger, more diverse customer. And we’re certainly seeing that,” Todd Eckert, Ford truck marketing manager, told CNBC.

Ford sold more than 4,100 Mavericks during the vehicle’s first full month of sales in October. Eckert said the company will continue to ramp-up production of the truck at the automaker’s Hermosillo plant in Mexico.

Non-truck people
The importance of Maverick isn’t just about sales, but in attracting new customers to Ford. It may act as a gateway vehicle for customers to step into larger, pricier Ford pickups such as the midsize Ranger and full-size F-150.

Early Maverick buyers are skewing younger and more female than the traditionally male-dominated truck market, according to Ford.
Ford said a quarter of the Maverick’s buyers are women compared with 84% being male for the full-size pickups, according to J.D. Power. The company reports more than a quarter of buyers also are between 18 and 35 years old – double the industry average for that age group. The average age of a new vehicle buyer is 48, according to J.D. Power.
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