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Ford Confirms It’s Working on a Tiny Pickup Truck

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Ford Confirms It’s Working on a Tiny Pickup Truck
Following rumors, spy photos, and vague language on the part of Ford brass, the Blue Oval automaker has admitted a new, smaller model is set to join its truck lineup. The vehicle in question will give consumers something else to think about than just Ranger, F-150, and Super Duty.

As reported by Automotive News, Ford’s president of global markets, Jim Farley, used clearer language when speaking at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference in Detroit.

Explaining that Ford was “investing in more affordable versions of our truck business,” Farley told the attendees “you can expect new nameplates below where we compete today.” As there’s nothing smaller in Ford’s lineup than a Ranger (and even that’s exceedingly new, at least for American buyers), that means a legitimately compact truck.

In response to a request for more information, a Ford spokesperson told the publication, “we’ll have more details to share about new nameplates in the future.” That goes beyond the usual “no comment on future products” line.

Farley’s comments jibe with rumors that the automaker will field a unibody pickup based on the platform of the fourth-generation Ford Focus, a model only offered overseas. While Farley wasn’t forthcoming with details or a timeline, the initial report cited a target year of 2022.

The upcoming pickup, which would likely be offered in both front- and all-wheel-drive variants, would compete against Hyundai’s upcoming unibody sport pickup, previewed by the Santa Cruz concept. It’s also likely Ford will resurrect the Courier name that graced Fiesta-based models in foreign markets in past years. Ford recently trademarked the name in the United States.

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