With Ford officially revealing the Maverick and reservations now open, our imaginations starting running wild about what could be done with a compact truck like this, including what a two-door short cab would look like.

To start, a two-door Maverick would certainly be a more utilitarian option for those that plan to use it as a work truck. A short cab would allow Ford to extend the 54 inch (4.5 foot) bed closer to the bed size of an early '90s Ranger (72 inches / 6 feet). With Ford's new Flexbed design a larger bed could offer even more configurations for owners.

If the Maverick's $20,000 starting price wasn't low enough a short cab would likely lower the price even more than that. Imagine a short cab Maverick 2WD hybrid with a starting price of $17,500? That sounds pretty good doesn't it?