Here's an interesting look at how pricing of the two trucks stack up after all these years.

"Yes, there are some very notable differences between these two pickup trucks that we'll mention in a bit, but one thing that stands out is price. The final year of the old Ranger was 2011, and its starting price was $18,160 before destination. That's not far from the Maverick's $19,995 base price, and that doesn't account for 10 years worth of inflation. If the 2011 Ranger was sold today, that price would be approximately $22,600 – considerably more than Maverick.

Of course, destination charges are mandatory, and that has grown considerably in the last 10 years. The 2011 Ranger with destination charges included was $18,655 according to Ford Authority, equalling a $495 upcharge. The Maverick's destination fee is a full $1,000 higher – $1,495 to be specific – which reduces the inflation-adjusted gap between the Ranger and Maverick to around $1,700. Still, the price advantage goes to the Maverick by a wide impressive margin."