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Ford Maverick Hybrids going to Argentina

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It's indeed interesting that Ford can build and send Maverick Hybrids to another country when they can't even supply Maverick Hybrids to customers in this country. I've been on the waiting list now for over 9 months like thousands of other customers have for a Maverick Hybrid with no hope in sight of actually receiving one. Yet as amazing as it seems, they have plenty of them to send to other countries. :unsure:
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Got my build date exactly 8 months to the day after I ordered it. ordered 9/19/22 build date 5/19/23. Hopefully you'll be getting your build date soon.
I wonder how many are actually going to Argentina
The Ford Argentina website list price:

$46,623 USD equivalent for the XLT
$60,996 USD equivalent for the Lariat FX4
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