A lot of new info about additional options and packages for the Maverick.

Late Availability according to order guide:
  • 4K Tow for FWD XL/XLT (53Q)
  • Bed Tray Liner (96B)
  • Drop in bed liner (96J)
  • Splash Guards F/R (63B)
  • Bed Divider Kit (DIO)
  • Cargo bed net (DIO)
  • Rapid Red Paint (D4))
Some have asked if the late availability 4K tow package applied to Lariat or AWD and so looking at the packages I found it just seems to be the tires that come with the package that are late. (Images below)

The 225/65R17 AT tires with option code (T7J) that is late availability.

All tires with 4K Tow Package for reference:

  • 225/65R17 A/T Tires on FWD XL/XLT Only (T7J)
  • 225/65R17 A/S BSW Tires on AWD XL/XLT Only (T7R)
  • 225/60R18 A/S BSW Tires (Std on Lariat) (T7Z)
Please correct me if I am wrong as I'm not sales and don't look at order guides too often.