The Ford Maverick won yet another award, this time from

Press Release
February 25, 2022

Pickup Trucks Are the No. 1 Most Searched Vehicle on

CHICAGO (Feb. 25, 2022) —™ (NYSE: CARS), the car-shopping marketplace, today named the Ford Maverick pickup truck the Best of the Year winner for 2022 in its annual Best Of awards program. Pickup trucks are consistently the top-searched vehicle on, with new Mavericks making up nearly 14% of new-truck searches.1 The Maverick is a shining example of Ford’s top-quality innovation for the pickup truck body style.

“While many people believe the SUV is the most popular body style in the country, America’s vehicle truly is the pickup truck,” said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief. “Pickup trucks embody the American spirit — and for more than half of consumers, the word ‘American’ comes to mind when they think of the iconic style. With exceptional value, real capability and innovative accessorizing — all coming in with a base price of $20,000 — the Ford Maverick is a thoughtful, broadly appealing model. It has earned the highly-coveted top spot as’s Best of the Year award winner.”

Nationwide, 16% of active vehicle shoppers on are considering a pickup truck for their next vehicle purchase, up 14% from 2021.1 More than a third of consumers (39%) identify as current truck owners, indicating Americans’ steadfast and often lifelong affection for the versatility, style and comfort of a pickup truck.2

Living the Pickup Truck Life’s recent pickup truck consumer survey revealed some interesting themes about living the pickup truck life.2

  • With current retail prices up double digits on new and used vehicles, consumers are budget-conscious. Some 62% of respondents are not willing to spend more than $40,000 on a pickup truck except in the Northeast, where budgets are highest and 30% of shoppers are willing to spend $50,000 or more.
  • Electric trucks are growing in popularity. Approximately a third of active car shoppers are considering an electric vehicle, and truck enthusiasts are just as likely (34%) to consider going electric. However, while electric power might be a perk, what matters most to potential truck buyers is lifestyle fit and towing capability, cited as the top two reasons for choosing the pickup life. 2
  • Truck buyers are not swayed by low inventory levels. Roughly 57% of respondents are not deterred by current inventory shortages and are still shopping for a pickup truck. Less than 10% of truck shoppers have decided to hold off until more inventory enters the market.
  • Southerners love pickups. The bulk of pickup truck owners come from rural areas (49%), with the most coming from the Southwest (45%) and Southeast (41%). Truck owners in the Northeast (39%), Midwest (37%) and West (34%) round out the list.
  • Pickup truck owners often double as movers. Some 24% of respondents say they bought a pickup truck to help their friends and family move, and for many shoppers, the ability to transport materials during a move is a big motivator to purchase. A quarter of truck owners say they help others daily, most prevalent for urban dwellers (37%).
Ford Maverick: Why It’s the Best of the Year 2022 Winner

  • Affordable does not mean boring. The interior is interesting with various textures, exposed bolt heads and a fun color palette. Adding to its appeal are traditional buttons for climate and audio controls in place of touch-sensitive panels that can cause annoyance at times.
  • Endless possibilities for DIY enthusiasts. The Maverick’s bed is a dream for DIY enthusiasts thanks to built-in slots for two-by-four or two-by-six lumber that can section off parts or form the beginning of a custom carrier or mount.
  • Versatility is in its DNA. This small pickup is built on a beefed-up unibody crossover platform, but what really stands out is its standard hybrid powertrain that gets an EPA-estimated 43/33/37 mpg city/highway/combined. An optional gas-only 250-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter engine allows the Maverick to handle a maximum 1,500-pound payload and up to 4,000 pounds of towing when equipped with the available trailer tow package.
  • Practical innovations. The prewired 12-volt access points provide hookups for projects and include LED bed lighting. A backseat storage system called Ford Integrated Tether System includes slots that can mount Ford accessories including a cupholder, trash can or grocery bag hook, and Ford is working to provide the 3D printer geometry of these slots so owners can customize their truck for their own accessories.
In addition to being the Best of the Year winner, the Ford Maverick also won’s Best Pickup Truck of 2022.