Autoblog did a comparison between the back seats of the Maverick and Santa Cruz.

For the most part they put the Maverick and Santa Cruz on par with each other aside from a few different observations:
  • It was quite clear when sitting in the Santa Cruz back seat during the first drive that it was tight back there compared to the compact SUV norm, let alone what you get in the biggest examples, including the Tucson. The seatback is a tad too upright and the seat bottom rather low. The specs say there's more head- and legroom back there than in the Ford Maverick, but after testing them both, I don't think that shakes out in terms of real-world comfort and usability.
  • Legroom might effectively be a wash, but the seatback in the Santa Cruz is more noticeably upright than what you'll find in the Maverick (I took the above pictures at different angles, I guess you'll need to trust me here).
  • Both seats also flip up, regrettably as one piece rather than split 60/40. The Santa Cruz does seem to have more space underneath, but the Maverick's two dedicated areas would presumably do a good job of keeping things in place.
  • In conclusion, the Santa Cruz interior is not as family friendly as that of its Tucson sibling, and probably not as much as the Maverick.