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Will update as official news comes out.
So I wanted to make a post of all the info (we think) we know about the Maverick

It is built on the New(ish) Unibody Front wheel/ All Wheel Drive Ford C2 platform (Ford Escape and Bronco Sport).

Looks to share a lot of parts with the Bronco sport (Interior size and layout, front end, mechanical features etc)

it will be built in the same factory as the Bronco Sport, Hermosillo, Mexico. (Where the 2006-2020 Fusion and 2000-2005 Focus were built)

Sizing from the cabin forward looks to be nearly identical to the Bronco Sport. The only difference is from the cabin back, having a bed vs hatch.

The only configuration available will be a 4 door with a short bed. This will be more of a life style/ parts truck vs a true working mans truck

Over all Length appears to be roughly 195” Long. Wheel base roughly 114”. Height roughly 70”. Width roughly 74”. Track width roughly 63”. Ground clearance roughly 7.5-9” Bed size roughly 54” Long, 54” Wide 40” between wheels. 15” tall. Curb weight roughly 3600-3900lbs.

Mechanically there will be at least 3 engine options.
Base engine will be the 1.5L (91CI) In-line 3 Cylinder Turbo Charged Direct Injected “Dragon Ecoboost” Engine with Start stop and cylinder deactivation. Making 190hp at 6000rpm and 191lbft at 3000rpm.

higher trims will offer the 2.0L (122CI) Inline 4 Cylinder “Twin Scroll” Turbo Charged Direct Injection “2nd Generation Ecoboost” engine with start stop. Making 250hp at 5500rpm and 280lbft at 3000rpm.

a hybrid model will also be available. The 2.5L (152CI) Inline 4 Cylinder Naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle “Mazda L/ Duratec” engine with 2 electric motors (one at each wheel). Resulting in 200hp at 6000rpm and 200lbft at 4000rpm.

no word yet if they will offer a plug in hybrid version which is essentially the same thing as the hybrid with a bigger battery (14.4kwh vs 1.1kwh)

I don’t think there will be a full on EV version of this yet. I think that will come in a few years once Ford comes out with its new Ford/ VW Small car EV platform.

there will only be 1 automatic transmission available for the non hybrid models. The Ford/ GM (Ford FM8) 8 speed torque converter automatic transmission.

the 1.5L will be available with either FWD or AWD. The 2.0L will only be available with AWD. And will likely get the Dual Clutch differential system from the bronco sport.

the hybrid modes will be available with FWD or RWD and use the “Ford Power Split Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission”

IF there is a PHEV option then that will be only FWD. since the bigger battery will not allow a driveshaft and rear Diff.

wheels and tires options will likely come from the Ford Bronco sport as wheel

Base 17” steel wheels wrapped in 225/65R17 Continental CrossContact A/S (28.5”) tires.
Optional 17” aluminum wheels wrapped in the same 225/65R17 Continental CrossContact A/S (28.5”) tires.
Optional 18” Aluminum wheels wrapped in 225/60R18 Continental CrossContact (28.5”) Tires.
Off road options may include
17” Aluminum wheels wrapped in 225/65R17 Perrelli Scorpion A/T (28.5”)
235/65R17 Falken Tires Wildpeak A/T (30”)

Front suspension will be a MacPherson independent strut system
Rear suspension will be a double lateral link with trailing arm independent suspension system.

Interior space SHOULD be very similar to that of the Bronco Sport.
Seating for 5.
Front Leg Room, 42”
Rear Leg Room 37”
Front Head room 42”
Rear head room 42”
Front shoulder 57”
Rear shoulder 56”
Front hip 55”
Rear hip 54”
Total passenger volume 106ft3

Payload and towing should exceed the Bronco Sport and Escape.
~1500lbs Total payload . (Bed and Cabin combine)
~3500lb towing (meaning no trailer brakes included)

MPG will be slightly worse than Bronco Sport due to its bed.

1.5L FWD 26/31/28
1.5L AWD 24/27/25
2.0L AWD 20/25/22
2.5L Hybrid FWD 40/30/36
2.5L Hybrid AWD 38/28/34

Pricing is rumored to start at $20,000 stating MSRP for a FWD XL trim and will likely top out at around $40,000 for a loaded Lariat FX4.

Reservation deposits start during the launch. Tuesday June 8th 2021 at 6AM eastern time. Full orders will come a few weeks later.

Production is set to start some time in August. (Chip Shortage Pending). With the first modes hitting dealers some time in November.

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Thank you for this post! This is super helpful. I hope the 2.5l hybrid awd without all the extras comes in around $30000 but that may be wishful thinking.
It should be around that price.
I am thinking the XLT will start mid 20s day 25,000
Then 1500 for hybrid and 1500 for AWD. I think you could easily get a Hybrid AWD Maverick for around $30k no problem.

and for towing
1.5 FWD Escape has a 2000lb towing cap.
1.5 and 2.0 AWD Escape have a 3500 cap.
Hybrid however is only 1500lbs. So I wouldn’t bet on it.
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