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it all depends where you live. I live in Reno NV and ski a lot (100 days/year) so I am in Tahoe a ton. You would think I NEED 4WD but I woudl get this in FWD and invest in 4 proper winter tires. I made it though 4 winters with a FWD VW TDI wagon and never got stuck.

Yes, there were FWD Truck(lettes), Dodge Rampage, VW Rabbit Truck, Subaru Brat was FWD when 4WD wasn't engaged. I am sure there were some others offered in other markets that I am unaware of.
Hey hey! I'm in Reno as well! I opted for the AWD version because I was a bit scared on how well the FWD would handle in steeper off-road areas. It took me a lot of back and forth to decide, and I was disappointed they wouldn't offer the FX4 package with the hybrid. I'm worried they're gonna offer an AWD hybrid in the next year model and that I'll have jumped the gun too soon on buying.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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