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Greetings everyone.
I ordered 12/8 which was after the hybrid cut off. Since then I have been emailing dealers daily trying to get on as many wait lists as possible. 1/6 got an email from Dorian Ford (about an hour from me) with a generic mass email asking, "what do we have to do to get you into a new Maverick?" I replied "Have one on the lot that I can buy." Ian from Dorian called me 20 minutes later saying they had a customer back out of his order 2 minutes before my email hit his inbox. Hybrid XLT with no factory options but the customer added a few dealer added options.
We walked through the numbers. MSRP pricing plus the dealer installed extras. Tonneau cover, which I would not have order but I'm actually glad to have it, wheel locks, and decals. I agreed and 20 minutes later my credit app was approved. 1.9% on 60/mo. loan, a few grand down. Friday we drove out, a quick talk with Sean in finance. No high pressure stuff, he just wanted to make his pitch and be sure I knew my options. Once I laid out the fact I knew the options, and was covered, they finalized the paperwork. No surprises, all exactly as they said and what we had agreed upon. One of the easiest car purchases I've made.

My buddy thinks I should sell this to Carvana when my order arrives, but even with how crazy the used market is, I can't imagine I can get enough to get my down payment back. I ordered a V.Blue XLT with Lux (drop in liner not spray) / 4K tow / FX4. Even if the math worked out and I'd love the AWD and extra flexibility, I don't think I could give up the mileage.

The decals are going as soon as it gets a little warmer.

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