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Hermosillo Assembly Plant for the Maverick

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I’m sure tomorrow we will see some good news on the Maverick but today we can look back at the history of the factory it is being assembled in. Along with the additional factories that make some of the engines.

I looked up another product launch from this factory to see reliability issues. The 2006 Ford Fusion which seems to have mostly minor common problems. Water pump, alternator, small power steering leak, and shifter knob replacement.

The Ford Factory is one of the largest employers in Hermosillo Mexico

Current vehicles being made in the plant

Ford Bronco Sport (2020–present)
Ford Maverick!!!!!

Lincoln MKZ (2007–2020)[8]
Ford Fusion (2006–2020)[9][10]
Mercury Milan (2006–2011)
Lincoln Zephyr (2006)
Ford Focus (hatchback) (2000–2005)
Ford Escort (1988–2002)
Mercury Tracer (1988–1999)
Mazda 323 (5-door) (1988–1990)

Carretera rumbo a La Colorada km. 4.5
Col. Parque Industrial C.P.
Hermosillo, Sonora

Approximate current total employees: 2,870
Approximately 300 of these are hourly employees.
today), Ford
Year opened: 1968

Hybrid Engine - Chihuahua, Mexico

2.0 Ecoboost - Valencia, Spain and Brook Park, Ohio

Forging- Germany and USA

Hyrbid eCVT (variable transmission) - Van D.yke Electric Powertrain facility Michigan

EcoBoost 8F35 transmission- at the Livonia Transmission Plant Michigan
(thanks Darnon for the transmission locations)

Hybrid battery- Michigan

Tech sheet from Long McArhur Ford

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If "the people" cared about building things in America, they'd have voted Donald Trump. Joe Biden's America gets us $15000 vehicles for $30k. Yes, all politics.
I think you missed the part where the 2.0 engine, and hybrid battery are both made in America. This is just stamped and assembled in Mexico.

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George Herbert Walker Bush was president in 1991 - since this is the thirtieth anniversary of the Hermosillo Ford plant, that should be taken in. Many of us would love to see all of these American branded vehicles made here in the USA, but a global economy is the norm now.
That includes exporting Michigan built Mustangs being exported worldwide.
I sincerely hope that the Ford Maverick is a solid truck with tremendous success pushing Ford to expand U.S and possibly Canadian production in the very near future. ✔🇺🇸

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Would I like to see them built here? Yes. Have I voted with my pocketbook recently? Yes. Do I really have a choice for a vehicle like this? No.
That said, I have had an MKZ Hybrid and a couple Foci in my lifetime and they were all very good, well put together vehicles which gave me no mechanical problems to 100,000 miles and beyond.
One Focus did suffer a rust problem, but it was bought used. The MKZ was nearly new when I got it and had over 100,000 when I sold it and it was as good then as it was when I bought it. I was concerned about the lifetime engine air filter, though. I'll have to research if they ever reverted back to a standard air filter setup even though I had no problems with it.
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