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Houston Meet Up 9/17

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A friend of mine (that's his orange truck in the photo getting ready to leave my garage after we installed a scale coil-over suspension) is organizing a Houston get together.

Houston area Maverick meet up 9/17 at Southwell’s (1909 Taylor St, Houston, TX 77007) 7pm
It’s a great place for burgers, typically wide open parking lot on Saturday nights (at least when I used to go monthly)
Bring your Maverick or come see a couple in person and see the best color available (hot pepper red)
See y’all there rain or shine

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I wished you posted pictures of the work you did . But very nice wheels away .
Pretty sure that is a red truck in the photo... ;)
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@Angry Hippo, just trying to rile up you uppity "hot pecker red" guys!:p
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hey houston!
FYI, i noticed on the back of my HEB receipt after grocery shopping that it has a BOGO free coupon for a burger at Southwells. i'll be redeeming mine next saturday.
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