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How many Mavericks in a accident

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I haven't had a accident since I was 16 and now 62. Why did it have to be my only 2nd new vehicle in my wife got a new carmaro and it was hit? Drove junk for years? Now will it ever be fixed correctly?
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Nobody gives a shit about your stuff, they've got their splinkter pulled up over their ears.
I'm not talking about you, sir I'm saying that it's all the other fools out there that are driving distracted, eating a burrito, texting, reaching into the back seat to swat the kids or the (God forbid) dog. It's those that we put dash Cams on our vehicle to be able to prove what idiots they are. My Maverick got creased in a parking lot the first week I had it by a big truck, I feel your pain! But I don't have a license plate for evidence, hence the VanTrue dash cam I installed, you are correct in saying that you may have misread my response.
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We settled on the $69 VanTru (Amazon) for both truck and car, front facing, 1080mp, has internal battery and supports 250 gb microsd card and had great reviews.
They've been in use for over six months, it's like a box of bandaids, you never know when you'll need one, my friend was sitting in a parking lot waiting for the wife, when a carload of miscreants whipped in front of him, backed into him and claimed that he rammed them, suing his insurance company, it was their word against his. This actually happened in Orlando area, so the camera is cheap insurance.
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