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How many Mavericks in a accident

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I haven't had a accident since I was 16 and now 62. Why did it have to be my only 2nd new vehicle in my wife got a new carmaro and it was hit? Drove junk for years? Now will it ever be fixed correctly?
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Karma is not a plan. Anyone did that to me, not only would I have the video, I'd have my lawyer sue for their car's computer. See what gear they were in at impact and how fast. Then it's conspiracy to commit felonious fraud, possible battery using deadly weapon, attack against a commissioned officer of the state (hey, I'm retired, not decommissioned!) and whatever else my Saul Goodman-wannabe lawyer can cook up. You think California is a litigious state? Then let's be litigious. Total commitment. Oh, who am I kidding. I'd probably serve up a healthy dose of street justice and then get thrown in the pokey for it. 😆
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