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So I just found in type print, that the Maverick will come pre-wired for two 20 amp, 12 volt outputs. Hmmm.

What I'm going to need, is one source for 40-50'ish amps. The Kicker Key amps are 20 + 60 amp fused. It's generally accepted that most amplifiers are fused at about half of what they are expected to use during normal use.

So I'm still thinking these amps might draw 20 - 40 amps during normal use, with short bursts of 50 amps.

Heck, my Prius supposedly has a max draw of 30 amps, and I'm running my Kicker 5 ch amp which is fused for 90 amps, with zero problems.

Kind of feeling pretty confident that these two amps will work just fine....
But not near as confident that the Maverick will even be shipping in 2 or 3 months. Heck, as screwed up as things are getting, I wouldn't be surprised if it took me 6 months to get ahold of one, and by then, I should be able to confirm how strong the electrical system is (hopefully they are underrating the heck out of it, like they do in my Prius) and if this thing can't power a decent little daily driver stereo system, forget it. I'll have to wait for something else.
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