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How to show radio station info when using google maps

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OK what am I doing wrong here,? I've tried apple car play and andriod auto . When using google maps with either my Apple or android phone and I go to change a radio station there's no information on the screen showing what station it is changing to.. On the android phone there's an option to show 2 panels but all that has is the Podcast on the right panel and the map on the left although I can expand the map to take up the whole screen. Isn't there a way to show what radio station you're tuning to with the knob if you're using Google maps on either of those phones. I have an XLT with co-pilot 360 package.
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I haven't found a way to display audio information simultaneously with google maps but here's how I access it to change audio source and view station info: Push the button next to the Volume knob. This brings up the screen shown. Then select Audio on that screen. This displays all the audio options available. I don't have the upgraded audio system.. B&O I think. There may be other means to do this but this is how I do it.
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Great will give it a try.
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