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I put in a reservation yesterday, Lariat, Lux, FX4, 4k towing, And a few bits and bobs. The dealership got notice, I got an email, but no reservation number, and it's not showing up on my account at all. Got a text from the salesperson at the dealership a little bit ago, and she said I need to call Ford to get the reservation number. Anyways, I was very skeptical about this truck at first. I had read an erroneous report that it only came as a hybrid. Since then, I've learned a LOT, and I am ready to buy. Moving from a 2018 EcoSport SES with very low miles. Nothing wrong with it. I'd just like to be able to two a bit more, and have the extra cargo space in the bed.I may just go down to the dealership tomorrow, get the ball rolling from their end. Hopefully they will have something in that Hot Pepper color in stock. Looks close to Canyon Ridge, like on mt EcoSport. If not, Cactus Gray it is!
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