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Hum...strange offerings now on Ford site

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  • Prior, for a short time they listed 0% for 36 months though think that ended 9/31 though honestly I am not certain how one could do that offer without a vin.
  • No more Reservation offer on that site (though I did complete that process prior and a local dealer got the email I believe. Guessing maybe that means no more 'free' order then elect not to buy later.
  • Would be nice, maybe, to fly somewhere out west if a dealer was offering 4% below msrp. Though on second thought guess flying is way cheaper. Toyed around with getting a Sondors Metacycle out there (Q1 of 2022 if when next batch would be ready...maybe).
  • Guess I could do a PA 4% offer and just visit family up in Indiana afterwards.
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From what I understand is that you no longer have to reserve first and have a dealership contact you to do an order, you can just go into a dealer and order, no more reservation.
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