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Hybrid Battery and High Water

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I'm seriously condsidering getting a hybrid Maverick. My neighborhood experiences street flooding. Can anyone say or point me to an information source on how well the batteries are protected from going through high water? I'm afraid that going through urban flooding may cause damage and I've not found anything out about the specs of how the batteries are incased, etc. I'm also unsure if I did drive through high water and damaged the hybrid battery if the warranty would cover it. Thanks for any help you can give!
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Other than electrical shock. My concern was insurance or manufactor would say that I chose to drive through high water and caused the damage so I'm a fault and they do not have to pay the claim or repair it, etc.
A friend of mine flooded his out a couple of weeks ago. Insurance paid because the gas engine sucked in water and threw a rod and the battery pack had water in it. According to my friend, you are supposed to avoid water 11 inches deep and over.
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