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Howdy folks,

Took a 650~ mile work trip to Garden City, Kansas and back yesterday. Killed untold numbers of bugs. Couldn't even hardly see through my windshield afterwards, no joke!

Decided to take my baby through the car wash and get her cleaned up. After that it seemed like as good a time as any to install the Ford factory accessory mud guards.

Because I have the 235/65/17 tires (and might upgrade even larger when the factory ones wear out) I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to install some protection for the pretty paint on this thing.

I was going to have the dealer do the install ($60 seemed like a bargain) but my local parts department refused to order the parts for me even though I provided them the part numbers. With that kind of awesome customer service I wasn't going to trust them to do the install with care and precision and decided if you want a job done right I was going to have to do it myself.

Install took me about 30 minutes but mostly because the instructions that came with it are in some weird sort of hieroglyphics - no words! Rule number one of doing a service/repair is reading through and understanding all steps before starting... so that was a major hang up, lol.

After deciphering the pictographs once I got down to it the work was SUPER easy. Only 'tricky' part is a small hole that has to be drilled on the rear driver side bottom trim. Nothing hard about it but it's definitely one of those 'measure twice, cut once' moments.

Having performed this repair once I expect I could do it a second time in about 10-15 minutes or less.

Tools used -
Small flathead screwdriver (for popping the plastic rivets)
diagonal pliers/dyykes (because I didn't have a plastic rivet remover handy)
Power drill with 9/32 bit
7mm ratcheting socket wrench

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Ordered a white XLT 2.0 FWD with mats and hitch receiver, that's it!
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I will install some, but probably aftermarket as I have done on most of my vehicles. Over a hundred smackers just to have it say "ford" is more than I want to, and in this economy on a non adjustable except for SS that never keeps us retirement income can spend.
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