We just got a new look at what could be the new off-road focused Maverick Tremor.

There have been hints of a new high-clearance bumper on Maverick prototypes but now we can see it completely undisguised. Along with that we can see some orange accents that Ford is using to denote its more off-road-focused models.

Does the Orange mean Tremor or Timberline?

Two of Ford’s rugged, trail-ready trims—the Tremor and Timberline—use orange accents. It's more likely it's the Tremor because 1) Timberline has been applied to SUVs while the Tremor moniker has been reserved for use on pickup trucks, and 2) The orange accents applied to Timberline models has a darker color that skews more toward red, while the orange on this Maverick prototype looks like a dead-ringer for the more copper-tinged “Active Orange” that is found on the F-150 Tremor.

Lariat Badged In Orange
It must be noted that this Maverick has an orange Lariat badge on the side vent. This may signal that the Tremor Off-Road Package may be an optional add-on to the Maverick’s Lariat trim—just as it is on the Ford Ranger XLT and Lariat trims.

A New Paint Color For Maverick?
The color on this prototype looks new to the Maverick lineup. While it looks somewhat like Cactus gray, it appears to lack the green tint of that color. It looks more like Avalanche—a color available on the Ranger lineup.

Smoky Lights
This Maverick prototype has front- and rear-lighting that has a darker, smoked tint that appears to be a new option destined for future Mavericks.

Suspension upgrades are a mystery at this point. There is likely more ground clearance, and an improved approach angle thanks to the new front bumper. The prototype is running on Falken Wildpeak A/T tires, just as we have seen on the earlier, camouflaged prototypes.

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