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Is towing capacity assuming an empty bed and passenger compartment?

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Does anyone have a definitive, documented answer from Ford on whether the listed towing capacities assume an “empty” vehicle (just a driver and no other payload) or a “full” vehicle (full passengers plus 1500lbs in the bed)? Or perhaps they came up with some middle ground?
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That's what GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) in the towing guide information encompasses.
Well, don’t I feel silly now lol. Thanks.
Figure above answered the question. My understanding is 1,500 lbs is the total weight. If a person weighs 500 lbs then the bed can only have 1,000lbs of weight added to it.
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Is GWCR different than GVWR?
GCWR is the gross combined weight - tow vehicle + trailer. GVWR is the gross vehicle weight for the tow vehicle or the trailer -- they each have a GVWR.
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and they need a Kings Ranch truck rather than a Mav😊
I seen 8145 lbs combined. So if you tow 4000lbs with the truck at 3731 so.. so cut the 425 lbs by the weight of passenger
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