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I am about to order my Maverick and have been doing some extensive research to decide on the right configuration. I go back and forth between XL and XLT, but I'm leaning toward the XL...

The key differences in the +$2,285 XLT in my opinion are:
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Interior design elements
  • Cruise Control
  • Power mirrors
  • Power Tailgate lock
  • Keypad entry
Here's why I'm leaning toward the XL, with about $1,000 of customization
  • Wheels - will purchase aftermarket for ~$750 installed (and maybe I can sell the stock wheels)
  • Interior design - While I like the two-tone / accents, I think black may wear better in the long run (and I'm leaning toward black truck with black wheels)
  • Cruise control - I can live without. I only use it on road trips, and even then not for long
  • Power Mirrors - I believe these are included with Co-Pilot360 +$540 (I would get co-pilot on the XLT too, so no real cost difference)
  • Tailgate lock - I can live with manual. My last truck ('97 Dakota) didn't have any lock at all
  • Keypad entry - there is an option for a $100 accessory add-on. Not as integrated, but also wondering if this can be hidden somewhere in the bed?
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So I think I can get most of what I need and save at least $1,000 off of the trim upgrade. Anything major that I am missing? Does anyone know if there are any quality differences in the interior on the XLT?
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