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Lifestyle Accessories for your Maverick

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We're downsizing from a Ram 1500, and our mountain bikes are actually just as old.

Thinking about the electrification of the replacement truck with its hybrid got my SO talking about investigating downsized hybrids for our bicycles as well.

It seems like electric assisted bicycles have come a long way in performance and down in cost, just like the hybrid Maverick, and a couple of little folders like this could easily be stored in a short bed: (not an endorsement BTW, that particular one might be a piece of poop for all I know)

Thoughts on that or other toys you plan to use with your Maverick?
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I'd be hesitant of folding eMTBs especially if you are talking about anything above river walk rides.

Here I am on a Cannondale Habit 2 Neo.

My wife on a Trek E-Caliber 9.6

Either of these are 10x what that folding bike and are on the entry side of real eMTB's which can go into the mot teens in price.

Again I am still waiting for a longer bed option for the Maverick so I can put skis back there. it is not uncommon for us to bring along 20 pairs of skis to do a demo even 4-5 pairs for a day of product testing.
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Very nice! We're in Houston which is pretty flat. We're casuals and typically just bike early mornings around the neighborhood, to the pool, to neighbors houses, and occasionally throw them in the truck when we head to a couple of the parks that are a bit far to ride to and they are pretty leisurely so something cheaper will probably work for us. What we haven't done which would be fun would be to bring them along for sight seeing at random attractions. We got bikes with suspensions more for comfort and the tires not too thin that they dig into gravel. No jumps for me!

Basically looking at a commuter e-bike that would be a bit more compact than what we have to easily fit in a short bed and so we can cruise at 20mph which is as fast as the quick roadies do on pedal alone. I see some can even do 28mph which could be fun, like this fatboi tire one:
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