You can now get this 2-inch lift kit for the 2022-2023 Maverick AWD.
2022-2023 Maverick AWD 2” lift kit custom built to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 2022-2023 Maverick 2” level lift fits all models that are AWD. Front uses 2” strut spacers made from 1/4” laser cut steel plate. 8.8 weather resistant hardware, stainless steel flange nuts. Rear lift is a 1 1/4” steel metal coil spacers Combined with 1” sub frame drop spacers, and trailing Arm spacers To keep factory geometry. 1/2” exhaust hanger spacers. All our products are protected and coated with a polyurethane product called @steel-it. Lifetime warranty on all parts. Made in the USA 🇺🇸 Recommended tire size is 245/65/17 or 245/60/18. Max tire sizes 245/70/17, 255/75/17, 255/60/18, 245/70/18 with minor trimmin of the Pinch weld on the firewall and minor trimming of plastic. All kits custom made to order. Please Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Steel prices are currently out of control as of now. Please be patient and Thank you.

The $525 kit from Ford Ranger Lifts raises the all-wheel-drive Maverick two inches with plans for a slightly smaller 1.5-inch lift later on. There's enough room under there for bigger rubber, like the 255/75R17s seen here. One has to imagine this makes the Maverick a fairly capable off-roader, especially when you pair it with the FX4 package that includes monotube suspension dampers, hill descent control, and multiple driving modes for sand, snow, mud, and so on.

The lift utilizes two-inch strut spacers up front made from quarter-inch, laser-cut steel plating. Out back, there are 1.25-inch steel coil spacers and one-inch subframe drop spacers, plus trailing arm spacers to retain the factory geometry. Ford Ranger Lifts recommends 245/65R17 or 245/60R18 tires, though it'll fit 245/70R17, 255/75R17, 255/60R18, or 245/70/R18s with some trimming to the fender plastics and firewall pinch weld.
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