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Maverick in Grassroots MotorSports Magazine!

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Our Maverick ended up playing chase and photo platform vehicle yesterday for a car magazine test drive and photoshoot. Had our friends from Grassroots MotorSports Magazine in town to drive a project Miata we built. Super fun day of car guys running fun canyon roads, look for this machine in GRM by Summer. I spent a bunch of time on my belly in the Maverick bed shooting the Miata running down the canyon straight at my face (and the Porsche they had on loan for the day from Porsche Marketing).

The crew from GRM were curious enough about the Maverick and our mods to it that they wanted to drive it and take some pics of it too. They loved the combo of the ride AND flat handling of our lift springs with our rear sway bar upgrade. GRM has a Maverick on order, they too have been waiting forever for theirs despite their connections! They asked we send them bits for install when theirs finally shows up. With luck both this NC and the Maverick end up in the pages of GRM by Summer. Ford Maverick 2022-2023 Suspension | Mazda Performance Parts

And the GRM crew had a 'free' brand new Porsche for the day on loan from Porsche marketing department. So naturally it needed some pics too
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