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First picture with prototype Progress Lowering Springs.

What's different from the Eibach Springs? The Eibach Maverick Springs are a really good experience, loved the look and those will be THE choice for customers wanting max lowering springs and front to rear heights as perfectly level as possible without going with much more expensive coilovers. With the Eibach springs we are half inch into the front bumpstops at all times unless we trim the front stops, which is called for in the Eibach instructions. We have the Eibach choices on the site, click here for lots more detail on those and current ship status.

But we want also want a choice that does not require bumpstop trim. So, the first change is the Progress Springs are made to use with STOCK bumpstop, no trim needed. That makes install easier and has other benefits we think some customers will appreciate. This means we are slightly higher... but we keep full bumpstop performance, truck free rides when going straight and is above the factory bumpstops until you turn the wheel, at which point we have much smoother transition into using the bumpstops as a progressive spring in the turns. Result is smoother down the freeway and over freeway joints and really under all conditions and quick gain in rate as you load it into a turn. Our Miatas are designed from the factory to work this way, you use the bumpstops as soon as you turn the wheel but you are just at the top tip of them until you turn that steering wheel (and decades ago the Porsche 944 was one of the first Sports Cars to use bumpstops in this manner).

Progress Springs also have a bit of rake with the goal of keeping more 'truck like' usefulness, you can load the bed and result is level, also keeps geometry better for towing moderate loads like our aluminum trailer with race car. When you go to Home Depot with these springs and load some garden mulch in the bed it won't be doing a Carolina Squat.

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