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If you have a 2022 Maverick rollover order and your dealership has not found your Private Offer, read on. Ford just released these instructions (below) for dealers to apply for your Private Offer. Feel free to pass this on to them.

"Certificate Requests:
Dealers can obtain certificates for eligible customers who should have a MY Transition cert for 23MY Bronco (38644), Maverick (38560), Escape (38682), Super Duty (38664) or F150 (38634) but do not have one on file by completing the COVP process in the C&I website.
After completing the process, please wait 1 business day for review.

If a cert does not generate, and you believe the customer is eligible, contact your S&I Specialist and send all required documentation.
Note: The circled box below (“This order was converted from a previous Model Year”) must be checked for Maverick, Escape, Super Duty, and F150. The box is not an option for Bronco but you will receive a cert by correctly identifying the Trim level in the drop-down box.

As noted above, documentation may be required. It is a best practice to take a screen-shot of the certificate inquiry, and to verify the order is listed in COVP.
The below template can also help us expedite your request. We hope to get certificates with a 72 hour period.

Dealership Name
Sales Code
22MY Order #
23MY Order #
Program #
Incentive Amount
Customer Last Name
Customer First Name
22MY Order Date
23MY Order Date
COVP Approval #
Snapshot of SV Certificate Inquiry Screen (showing no certificate found)."
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