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Since I am kind of late to the party (I've been on the Maverick Trick Club forum and was not aware of this Maverick forum) here is a list of mods I have done to my XL Ecoboost Maverick:

Cruise control switches added and programmed with Forscan
Mud/ruts and snow/sand drive modes added with Forscan
Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive side marker light Automotive tail & brake light

Black tailgate lettering
Gator trifold tonneau cover

Car Vehicle Tire Hood Automotive tire

Eight eyebolt tie-downs added
Tractor Supply Horse mat bed liner
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

Voxx Como 17" rims
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Automotive side marker light Grille

Lasfit switchback LED turn signal lights
Led light kits to front grill
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