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I picked up my Maverick on October 14, 2021 and have since put on a little over 12,000 miles, so I thought it was time to give my impressions. I'll try to be brief and hopefully this won't be too tedious to read.

The truck as delivered: Alto blue, XLT Ecoboost, AWD, 360, FX4, 4K tow, lux package, moon roof, manual rear window, hard roll-up tonneau cover, spray-in bed liner.

This truck is just what I needed...It fits in my garage well, my wife can comfortably drive it, and my 95 year-old mother can get in and out of it easily. An F-150 or even a Ranger would not have been a good size for my needs.

The few things I've added: Orange adhesive tailgate letters (eBay), stubby antenna (Amazon), inexpensive foam mat for the bed (Harbor Freight), mud flaps (Rokblokz) and front floor liners (Weathertech). The letters look great and have held up well with many trips through the car wash. There was no loss in reception quality with the stubby antenna. The $10 bed liner mat is still in good shape and works well for my use. The mud flaps look good and have not come loose at all. The floor liners have saved my carpets from the snowy, slushy NY winter.

Exterior: I had a warranty claim at about 4200 miles. The front right axle and control arm had to be replaced due to a fluid leak. It took about a month for all the parts to come in, but since the repair I've had no problems. I have a recall for the gas tank to check for holes from the spray-in bed liner installation. I don't think I have that problem but they need to check it just the same. The tonneau cover does leak a bit and I'm going to work on trying to remedy that situation. I recently noticed a couple of small paint chips on the front of the hood, but I haven't dealt with it yet.

Interior: There is road noise, but it's not horrible. It's about what you'd expect from a budget-priced vehicle. The heated seats are great. They heat up much faster that the Subaru Forester that I replaced. The seats are also plenty comfortable and I've had no issue with the material stretching or loosening up. I don't have any problem with the sound system. I have been heavily into music my entire life but I've never been one to need the ultimate in “perfect” sound. To me, spending the time to tear things apart to replace the speakers is a monumental waste of time. The infotainment system in general is another thing though. Sometimes it works fine, other times I can't bring up the audio screen or change sources. It's frustrating to say the least and I hope a fix will be forthcoming.

Over all I like the ride. It feels nice to me and handles well. I drove from NY to FL and back towing a trailer with a motorcycle and the Maverick performed beautifully. My gas mileage hasn't been as good as I've seen others report, but I've also never been one to do all the things some people do to improve gas mileage. My mileage is usually between 20-22 MPG...the lower end being when I was towing the trailer.

I've probably left some things out so I may amend this if I remember something later on. If anyone has any questions or comments I'll be happy to address them.

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i've had mine since november. since ours were built there has been audio firmware updates.
you just need to find the screen to connect your truck to wifi and enable updates.
i was not able to do it with an iPhone hotspot.
i did mine the first time i pulled mine into my shop for an oil change and (clumsily) entered the password to my raceshoppe wifi.
It took less time to update than to get the oil drained.
i now have a 100% functioning audio system. Before it would freeze up and i wasnt able to save pre-set stations. reception/sound quality is better too.
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