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The Maverick, a great concept!
If I had any money today, I would be tempted to buy one; except for,
There are a few things I notice aren't ideal:

1- Like some reviewer said, they should create a plugin Hybrid for this vehicle.
I get it, the battery (or lack there of) is what's keeping the price down on these vehicles.
But this truck needs like 35 miles on electric range the least!
You don’t have money today but want 35 miles electric range….so confused 😐 continue

2- The 1.1kWh battery is smaller than the already abysmal 1.4kWh battery of a Ford Fusion Hybrid, which pulls less weight, and is more aerodynamic.
I think a lot of hybrid drivers will want to see at least a 3kWh battery, and for a vehicle like this, 5kW is more necessary.
let’s compare an apple to an orange? The fusion hybrid is a different power train. To bad we don’t have a perfect example to do a comparison like a Ford Escape Hybrid…. 😑

3- The battery for the Maverick, aside from it's size, is also seen as a weakness of the platform.
The Ford Fusion Hybrid 1.4kWh battery, lasts about 177k miles. This battery is lots smaller, and will most definitely wear out faster. Think 125k-150k miles, before it either has to be reconditioned (where after another 80k miles is expected at max), or replaced.
Very precise 177k miles. California residents get 150k mile warranty on the battery. Your comments are unfounded but assumed true will allow you to upgrade to the larger battery you wanted. Congrats!

3b- Another reason why the battery will wear out faster, is not only because the pack is smaller, and the truck is heavier than a Fusion Hybrid,
But the electric motor has about 2x the output of a FF hybrid.
The FFH, has 1,4kW battery, and the 30kW (40HP) motor output is frequently limited to 20kW, which is very sluggish. The Maverick has a 60kW motor or 80HP motor. That will generate much higher currents, resulting in quicker battery degradation.
For reference, a Ford Fusion Energi (PHEV) also has the 80HP electric motor this truck has, but has a 7+kWh battery, and does 35 miles on electric.
I feel like Charlie Brown 🙄

4- The electric motor is basically useless. The range is low, and the power would have been great for a Ford Fusion Hybrid (though the Energi/PHEV variant has the 80HP motor).
For a truck like this, a 100HP motor is much more desired, especially when towing. The 80HP motor, limited to 40HP due to current constrains (eco mode), is good enough for acceleration up to 30-35MPH, after which the all electric part becomes very sluggish! Unleash the 80HP motor with a decent battery, and the truck will accelerate nicely to 40-45MPH, after which it'll become more dependent on the gasoline engine to pull it's weight (which 45MPH of faster acceleration, is what you need in most cities anyway).
Would be nice to have a vehicle in the same class to compare this too….like a Ford Escape Hybrid.

5- The gasoline engine isn't nearly up to the task of towing. Yes, 2000LBS, which is ok for like 1/2 a car. But more than the engine, the CVT is totally not made for towing.
I guess for that they have the Ecoboost versions, with normal AT (automatic transmission).
Still, they shouldn't promote the Maverick Hybrid for any towing, at least not in it's current configuration.
The hybrid can tow 2k, please provide your statistical analysis to prove otherwise. If you present the reduced and analyzed data I will be happy to listen.

A PHEV version (with ~10kWh) of this would resolve a lot of issues.
For one, the battery will cost more, but also last a lot longer (probably closer to 225k Miles before needing reconditioning.
It would also allow the motor to receive the full 80HP, rather than limit the current to keep the batteries from degrading.
It will add electric range, and can help with towing (allow heavier loads to be towed during the acceleration phase).
The 2.5L gasoline engine can easily tow a good 3000LBS (another car). But it'll depend on how reliable the CVTs are.
The early Ford Fusion Hybrid CVTs broke down between 120-150k miles, partly because of the manufacture BS saying 'no transmission fluid changes necessary 'for the lifetime of the vehicle'', lifetime meaning 125k miles apparently.
Users have found oil changes are recommended around 75k miles (66k miles and the oil still looks good), and certainly not after 100k miles!
For the Maverick, if the same style CVT is used, I would recommend checking the transmission fluid at 66k miles, and replace at 75k if it still looked good at 66k.
Certainly don't believe the 'lifetime of the vehicle', because anything above 100k miles will most certainly be outside of warranty.
The Maverick owners manual recmmends 150k mile eCVT fluid changes, and 30k intervals if towing or in driving under harsh conditions. I agree to change it frequently. But it sounds like this is a none issue since you know?

If you ask me, within a year to a year and a half we will see many Maverick customers see this problem occur, as they get closer to the 100k miles range.
We will also see Ford update these issues in 2023 models and beyond, and increase the purchase price, like all car manufacturers do.
We all know, introduce a nice looking, but mechanically limited (Achilles heel) product, that people want to swap out in a year or two, and give them the same product with their issues resolved, only at $24k.
You just swap your cars every couple years?

I won't be buying one anytime soon. Either a 2024 model, or perhaps the 2022 model once they become available for $10k in the second hand market (which they probably will, as more customers will return their limited and worn vehicles back to the dealerships for an upgrade).
The upgrade will probably also include a decent 10"+ screen as well.
You think in 2 years the Maverick will depreciate to 10k but go up in price for new? But wait, you want to buy a used one that isn’t going to last and has a poor battery? Now 2 inches matter, she said 8” was good 👍

You could have summed all this up with this

“I want a Tesla CyberTruck but can’t afford it”

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Ford really needs to start adding info about what size Electric motors are in the transmissions / E-CVT . And what size battery drives it . If you look at their Maverick information page . The word Specifications is missing .
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Fords vehicle info pages are terrible. You have to search 3rd party for specs and hope it's accurate. Pretty pictures though!

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Don't mind Pro digits "analysis" (more like opinions ) so lets say ford hires him to FIX all of these issues, just how far north of 25K would the price climb to? Pro, its a 25 K vehicle,

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Also, I believe that this maverick battery will last longer than 100k miles. But time will tell.-my 2 cents
It will in CARB
Places like California require a 10/150k warranty on the hybrid battery

the proper answer is years or miles

Usually you get lots of miles on hybrid batteries if you drive a lot more than normal, some PRII Have north of 300,000 miles on the original battery but similarly there are 15-20 year old hybrids that have low miles and a failed battery

use it or loose it.
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