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I just found out that the splash guards will cause a delay as they are late availability. I am priority #10 so first in line. Can anyone tell me what kind of delay this may mean? Weeks or months?
I told the sales manager if he would guarantee the same cost I would remove them. He said he would not, but that if I get them after I would have to pay shipping plus installation! He mentioned I could buy them afterwards elsewhere. Would that be a good or bad idea to buy them and get them installed afterwards? How important are splash guards? I won't be on dirt a lot but wanted to protect the new truck. Maybe go skiing once a year.
Please advise. I'm a first-time truck buyer and first-time participant in any car forums. And a mom dealing with a difficult, frustrating sales manager. Thank you.
I removed mine also due to delay. It should be no big deal to install later, just a few screws and you save the rediculous hourly charge for the install AND, get your vehicle on time without delay. If the drop in bed liner turns out to be another delay issue,, I will do the same with that also. The A/T tires is another issue altogether, not giving up my AWD. Have an email out to my dealer for clarification on that one. My order priority is 19 and I'm good with that just in case there are some hiccups being a new model and all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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