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Everyone has wheels and tires and now's your time to show them off and tell everyone what you love (or loathe) about them.

Show us your Maverick's wheels and tires!

We do have a few guidelines:
  • Unless otherwise stated, you may submit up to 5 photos
  • You must own the vehicle
  • Voting will take place via a poll during the last week of the month
  • Feel free to PM me with ideas for future themes
Winners will receive:
  • One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)
  • A profile badge to show off your winner status
  • A place in the winner's gallery
  • Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next contest starts
Good luck to all who enter. 馃コ


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Kept original tires. Just didn't make sense to me to replace them. But the Steelies had to go. The Wife knew the truck was blue and i had told here that i was replacing the wheels, so when we pulled into the lot she said "oh look, there's your truck, you are right about those wheels."
Have had spoke wheels in the past so I wanted something different. These look really good on a slow pass, like in a parking lot.
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Hey everyone, love seeing what everyone's doing to their Mavs. This is mine, nothing crazy, just a few simple changes:
  • Toyo 245/65r17 AT3s on stock FX4 wheels
  • Tinted windows including windshield
  • Black Ops FX4 logo
  • Lightly smoked headlights
So far I love the Toyos. I've always been impressed with Toyos in terms of looks, durability & ride quality. My last set were 35x12.50r20 RTs on my last truck and I ended up getting over 65k miles out of them. These ATs look awesome and actually noticeably improved ride and handling over the stock Pirellis. I'm excited to take these to the snow this winter. The RTs are awesome in the snow, and I have high expectations for these with their 3PMS rating. More to come as we go along, but this is it for now 馃嵒

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Konig Freeform wheels, 18 X 8.5. Kumho Ectsa 245/50 tires.
These were the lightest wheel i could find at a reasonable price point.
Economy is important and in 9k miles of daily driving i show an indicated 31 MPG and have only left the city limits once for less than 200 miles on the highway.
H&R Escape springs will be replaced when more options become available for the FWD 2.0
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I bought my Maverick from dealer stock. It came with the upgraded FX4 wheel and tire package with Wildpeak 235/65/17 tires. (extra $800)

I'm pretty satisfied with them so far in both terms of rims and the tires. I think the rims are attractive and the Wildpeaks seem to perform fairly well and look pretty good on the truck.

I've had no problems in rain or on trails/light off roading.
Only had one chance to drive them in the snow (late May snowstorm in the mountains) but they seemed quite capable.

I might consider replacing these with Michellin Cross Climate 2's when they wear out... The Michellins really have a unique and very cool looking tread pattern. Ultimately it depends on how these Wildpeaks do in icy conditions. If they're up to snuff I might just stick with the Wildpeaks. They're a little cheaper and a lil more truck-looking.

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

The Cross Climate 2's on my old CX-5 for reference.

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Ordered a white XLT 2.0 FWD with mats and hitch receiver, that's it!
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XLT FWD EcoBoost with hitch and floor mats.
It is my wife's baby!!!! Last picture is the only part of it that shows I have anything to do with it, except maintaining it, of course!
Original XLT wheels with 235 General Grabber RWL replacing the funky OEM 225's. Wife wanted actual white sidewalls but not available in 17" and even in 14 and 15's WAY too expensive so 17's would have been ...o_O
I wanted it Rust Protected by Ziebart and wife agreed, but when she found out about their Z- Ceramic Coating she wanted it.
We both agreed to a Tonneau and got the Soft rollup by Kikito.
RockBlokz guards installed.
Stripe is a Ford Accessory wife wanted.
Specific to Maverick bed mat with raised sides coming Tuesday.
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