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New truck owner on a budget

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I'm looking at buying the maverick I like everything about it size, cost, mpg, colors only thing I have a hangup on is the front end.... and the reservation thing I've never purchased a new vehicle before and I find the whole thing stressful. (I'm 24 never could afford new till now). So I have a few questions

1) If I reserve my build I saw the dealer calls me to confirm but no payment is needed yet is that correct?
2) I'll basically like everyone be reserving sight unseen in person if I decide this fall it's not right for me am I screwed? Cause I'm assuming I have to make a deposit as some point. Or when it comes in I'm stuck with it if I don't want it?
I don't do many truck things I need it to haul my bikes, run to home depot and the dump etc...
My main concern is the reservation thing. I have a really bad habit of talking myself out of something so this is partly just me being an idiot
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So the reservation really just sends the dealer a notification you're interested in the truck. Doesn't really commit you to anything at all. After that (assuming they contact you), you can decide to go place an order to however you want the truck (trim, color, etc).

Some dealers require deposits anywhere from $100 to $1000, just really depends. Some don't require a deposit at all. Most are fully refundable meaning if the truck comes in and you hate it, they'll give you the money back and put the truck for sale on their lot.

Even with an order placed, you're most likely not committed to anything. Just confirm if the deposit is refundable if you don't like the truck. Dealers will not have problems selling these, so most won't care if you back out.

Also - you can probably just call dealers around you and ask if they can help you place an order rather than waiting on them to respond to a reservation request.
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First car purchase? Perfect timing, this Hybrid Ford truck is a gem at a great price. You won’t get stuck with it, you’ll be pleased with your purchase most likely. 😃
The standard deposit seems to be $500.00, it will be refundable, just confirm. No additional down payment or credit check or anything else is necessary. If they ask, bail and find another dealer, they are shady.
Good luck and if you like it, go for it, if you have doubts, chill and wait. Especially if you don’t NEED a new car now.
The reserve and order process through the Ford site eliminates a lot of awkward traditional car dealer situations. It puts you in control with a few months to consider. Good luck and get what you want. 👍🏻
In my area (Southern California) the deposit is $100.00 and is refundable. The dealer stated once they get their first few Mavericks they will let you test drive (before your Maverick is delivered) to ensure you are happy with the truck. If you decide you do not like/want it you can cancel the purchase and get your deposit back. Seems to be a very painless and straight forward process so far.
I submitted my reservation yesterday and the dealer firm said a $1,000 deposit was required yet refundable. I inquired about this and he said there’s no deposit required for the Maverick as they expect it to be very popular vehicle that would sell irregardless. I asked about the real Bronco and they were taking deposits for it. Weird....
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